Believing in yourself is crucial for embracing challenges and translating your ambitious ideas into reality

Coaching is as diverse as the Pacific Ocean. Energy and Power. Harmony and Tranquility. It inspires people of different cultures, different mentalities, values and lifestyles to share their experience in pursuit of innovative ideas and profound insights.

Why Coaching

You Need Support in

Focusing on your priorities,
Choosing the right way to the goal,
Realizing your potential.

You get

Clear perception,
Energy and action boost.

You will

Become stronger,
Acquire new vision,
Get in charge of your life.

Coaching encompasses everything,

corresponding with the advanced strategy of personal development.
Productivity – In every session the client gets a new understanding.
Ecology – All the decisions are in consensus with core values of the client.
Innovation – In a session there is always room for creativity and discovery.

Getting the most out of it

Are You ready to create and clarify a compelling vision for your life and business?


Confidentiality is a guarantee. It facilitates trust and willingness to open.


Deep Listening skills of the coach help the client to verbalize their true inner intentions.

Time and Result

Daring and determination guides the client to relevant immediate results on the spot.

The choice of style

Humor and game-based approach is suggested for advanced clients.

Let’s start with the test session

30 minutes of free trial is suggested for the test session. Be assured of the effectiveness.


Different tasks. Different offers.

Session'60 Personal

  • One session
    40-60 minutes
  • Price on request

x10 Package

  • 10 Sessions
    3 month 1 person
  • Price on request

Session'120 Personal

  • One session
    120 minutes
  • Price on request

Group Coaching

  • For 3-7 persons
    180 minutes
  • Price on request

We can always offer you the solution. Order the initial session and the experienced coach will help you to determine your request and choose the personalized offer. This service is free.
Start Your Coaching?


We welcome the partners who share our ideas on supporting, promoting and fostering coaching in the Pacific Rim.

Современный бизнес постоянно требует от менеджеров всех уровней готовности меняться, адаптировать себя под стремительно развивающиеся новые технологии и запросы рынка. Для нас как для IT специалистов - наиболее динамичной профессии - очевидно , уже не возможно оставаться успешными на старой базе своих компетенций . И коучинг как метод может помочь как линейному менеджеру так и Топу, вне зависимости от сферы его занятости.

Студия КОРАЛЛIT / Разработка программ

Коучинговый подход к управлению  - новое слово в бизнесе Дальнего Востока и Владивостока. Насколько коучинг  эффективен? можно ответить  на этот вопрос, только проверив, как это работает.   Использование коучинга  раскрывает для любого  руководителя возможность по новому взглянуть на существующий человеческий ресурс и понять, что сотрудники способны на большее, а значит найти источники  вдохновения для альтернативных решений.



Our clients being already successful are eager for new changes that can enrich their life.

Olga GREEN, Guam GREEN Line Tours

— How much can you get out of a one-time couching session? More than you could ever imagine! When I made the appointment with Olga I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to address. She guided me to quickly decide what areas were the most important for me. With a wise and creative approach, she helped structure my goals, focus on the things that really mattered and how I could achieve them. Amazing result came from developing relationship with my subconscious, clarifying my life values, purpose and visions. I am grateful for the unique experience that successfully addressed both the personal and professional challenges in my life and at the same time allowed to remain true to my own feelings.